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Different models of ear rings designs

Peacock: Of course there is nothing to say that the nature-inspired colors are underestimated. If you really want a splash to your wedding design, take inspiration from nature flash stenosis creature: peacock. This vibrant and rich colors of Peacock blue, purple, green and gold jewel tone is perfect for a bride who love high style. Peacock colors would be great for New Year's Eve a wedding! Not only can you choose from dresses, flowers and bedding in the beautiful color palette, you can record real peacock feathers in their marriage. The colorful feathers would be great hidden in bouquets and centerpieces. The bride can even wear a special headband made of crystals and peacock feathers flat against the head. Such a unique medallion also requires special handmade bridal jewelry.

Icy Blue: For a winter wedding, try a color palette that looks like snow: pure white, light blue and a touch of silver. It's the perfect color scheme for a wedding in the freezing cold winter months. By the way, if you like the use of color, but find "Winter Wonderland" theme a bit too literally, rather than snow, the icy blue color block an Art Deco-inspired party. The cool refinement of color would be just right, and the clean lines and high Art Deco design will provide an ultra-chic wedding.

Autumn Leaves: It is not the most original idea for a fall wedding, but the red, orange and yellow leaves are always beautiful together. Breaking warm colors, add a touch of dusty green or straw color. All natural elements will fall is ideal for decorating with the color palette: leaves pumpkins, haybales, wheat, and berries, all with an easy to create a rustic and cozy atmosphere for your fall wedding.


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