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Similar and triadic fashions

A similar color scheme is created when you 3-5 colors next to each other on the color wheel to use. An example is yellow green, green, blue, green, blue and violet blue. A piece of jewelry created with this color scheme will probably come across as cool, but earthy. The reason is that the cool colors (blue, green and violet used) and the blue sky and ocean, the green is the grass, plants and trees.


A triadic color scheme is a combination of three colors that exist in the form of a triangle on the color wheel. Orange, green and purple is a good example here. Triadic color combos are most striking when one or two of the colors used in volume, and one or two remaining colors used as accents. Let us use the combo I have already mentioned. I would probably use this service usually purple and orange in my piece and accents of green. On the other side. Someone with a different style than I would be the most green and orange, purple as an accent, there are no wrong answers here, just personal style and decisions!

These are the four basic combinations, and although there are many other ways to use a color wheel, this will at least get started in a while.


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